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HeatingDesign - Introduction

Design heating systems for buildings of any type and usage. Tisoft Heating is an HVAC software tool for engineers, designers and contractors. It includes all the calculation, simulation, drawing and reporting tools needed to efficiently design central heating systems for buildings of any type and usage.

Duration: 1:51

Tags: TiSoft, Heating, ThermoCAD

HeatingDesign - Design building's heating system

In this video, TiSoft HeatingDesign main features and functionality are presented. We import an existing DWG floor plan, insert the heating elements on it and automatically generate the 3D model of the building and its heating system (

Duration: 06:52

Tags: HeatingDesign, heating system, gas boilers, heat output, water inlet, manifold, 3d model, floor plan

HeatingDesign - Floor heating

Every new project we start in TiSoft HeatingDesign comes preloaded with a set of floor heating systems. In this video we see the properties of a floor heating system, we create the floor heating area, connect circuits to a manifold and balance these circuits (

Duration: 09:35

Tags: floor heating, balancing, circuits, heating elements, pressure drop, valve, water supply,

HeatingDesign - Construction types

Browse through libraries of construction types to select the right for your building or create your own with the built-in construction type manager.

Duration: 3:09

Tags: Building model, Construction Types

HeatingDesign - Heat losses

In TiSoft Heating, heat loss calculations are done according to the Standard EN 12831.

Duration: 5:26

Tags: Heat losses, EN12831




EnergyDesign - Available soon

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