Translation app for fast localization

What is Resource Translator

Resource Translator is an application developed by TiSoft for internal use and for TiSoft partners. It is used by TiSoft official distributors in order to translate TiSoft Software applications from English to their local language.

See an example of how Resource Translator is used.

In addition, the official tool developed by European Union is used to translate to any language spoken among European Union and vice versa. It is a useful tool that may be used complementary to Resource Translator.

What are Resource files

All TiSoft applications have the required infrastructure to support easy and fast translation to any language. To achieve this all User Interface (UI) objects (forms, menus etc.) and output reports are designed with parametric strings. For each UI object there are n resource files (one for each language) that contain the key string with its value in the specific language.

How can I get Resource Translator

Resource Translator is provided to TiSoft software resellers wishing to translate the software to their local language. In case you are interested in reselling TiSoft software in your region please fill in the required form.