Radiators PURMO


In this page you can browse the Radiators by PURMO that are available in TiSoft's equipment library.

Downloaded equipment library files can be used with HeatingDesign ElectricalDesign in design projects.

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There are more information on Radiators in the relevant help topic.

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TiSoft Equipment libraries are organized in series, families, models.

  • Series contain sub-series and/or families
  • Familes contain product information data, the available models along with a simplified BIM representation of each model.
Navigate through series below, locate the desired product family,
click to download it as a .libf file,
then import it into your HeatingDesign project.


PURMO    6 series,    111 families
COMPACT     series,    17 families
COMPACT VENTIL     series,    20 families
PLAN COMPACT     series,    18 families
PLAN COMPACT VENTIL     series,    18 families
RAMO VENTIL     series,    24 families