Many new features in ElectricalDesign 19.0


In Version 19.0.0 we added many new features such as:

New collections of electrical materials/appliances

The symbols of electrical materials and devices in the Symbol Library that we use in the building model are increasing continuously.
So we re-organized into more categories to make it more usable.

For example, the luminaires have been divided into the categories:

Correspondingly, electrical appliances have been divided into categories :

Each electrical symbol is accompanied by its corresponding 3D model.
So each time we insert in the 2D Drawing editor the symbol e.g of an electric cooker, the program automatically introduces and shows us the 3D model of the electric cooker in the 3D building model.

Adjust the visibility of the objects

In electrical installations that combine many luminaires, sockets, wall switches, strong and weak current devices, we need to wipe out some of these objects temporarily.

Example 1

We have completed the electrical project and we need to get a printout with ONLY Luminaires and wall switches.

3D modeling of building and electrical installation

In version 19.0, it was possible to have the 3D model of our electrical installation with little effort, just like HeatingDesign.

3DModeler has been designed as an optional module
For the official users of ElectricalDesign with an active contract, 3DModeler will be available for free until the end of February 2019.
Just request it by an email and will automatically be added to your new license.

New ElectricalDesign customers and existing customers who will renew their contract after the end of February 2019, will be available at an extra cost equivalent to the 195/295/395 EURO