What is BIM?

TiSoft BIM software provides a core set of BIM features. An integrated BIM software contains coordinated systems and flows of information for the whole building, from walls and construction types to mechanical systems, bill of quantities and information about manufacturer and distributor for each project. The new BIM process is higly widespread worldwide. It is already been used by approximately 20% of companies in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry (Research of 2016). It helps members of the contruction cycle communicate with each other and reduce errors way before the actual construction starts. Recently, value of BIM has been demonstrated in maintenance and retrofits as well. BIM process has a continuously growing demand and soon, it will replace conventional simulation and modeling methods.

The benefits of BIM for building owner or facility manager

When we think of BIM, we often think of better design coordination and improved constructability. But the real value can come after handover, when the owner or facility manager receives a complete and accurate set of information. Even more than that, BIM provides a set of interrelated and cross-referenced information. For example, elements in the model are linked to related information including brand name and product codes, manufacturer data, specifications, commissioning data, photos and manuals. This allows the owner or facility manager to efficiently and accurately manage the asset.

3D digital model

A BIM model is way more than pure geometry and some nice textures cast over it for visualization. A BIM model consists of the virtual equivalents of the actual equipment used in an installation. These intelligent elements are the digital prototype of the physical building elements such as walls, columns, windows, doors, stairs etc. that allow us to simulate the building and understand its behavior in a computer environment way before the actual construction starts.

Equipment library

To model the installation in detail, we need its BIM elements. TiSoft equipment library is constantly enriched with equipment on the market. Library files contain BIM elements of the equipment with 3D models, technical characteristics and more information like pictures and manufacturer's documents.