Customization options

Upon request we offer the following customization options for our software:


Efficient support for localization has been taken into account very early in the design process of our software, therefore it is very easy for it to be localized for different languages and environments characterized by:

Language specific text is stored in separate files. We provide external tools for translation as well as easy in-app translation (for context-aware translation). Glossary separates technical terms from simple terms and can be used to minimize translation costs.

File format

All our applications use future-proof, self-descriptive XML file format to read/write project and library data. Import and export to and from different file formats can be implemented easily upon request.


New materials and equipment can be easily added to our libraries along with their full specifications (be it textual or numeric data, drawings, pictures, links or documents).

Custom software

Our team of developers and designers has a 25+ years of experience in the AEC software industry and we have a thorough knowledge of:

Over the years we have developed a solid design infrastructure that allows us to deliver reliable software solutions quickly.

If your project has special requirements or you need a fully custom application we may be able to help you by developing a custom solution. Contact us for more information.