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Discover HeatingDesign software basic features and take a glimpse of its user interface.


Use existing architectural floorplans and add the heating plans (radiators, boilers, manifolds, underfloor circuits and pipes) or easily create architectural elements (walls, openings, beams, columns, slabs, roofs, rooms, thermal bridges) from scratch. Elements are easily created in 2D and immediately previewed in 3D. Let the surface discovery algorithm find all the room surfaces (and these will be then fed to the calculation engines).


The libraries come preloaded with a large number of heating equipment and pipe accessories (pipes, radiators, construction materials & construction types, FCUs, boilers, burners, expansion tanks, pumps, manifolds, water boilers, heat pumps and more). Additional products can be easily downloaded from the online library. The online library contains BIM elements for 14.000 models of equipment and pipe accessories from the most popular brandnames on the market.


Place a radiator or an underfloor circuit in a room and instantly see if it can compensate for the room's heat losses. Or let HeatingDesign automaticaly size the equipment. Green/red lights indicate whether the system passes or fails.


HeatingDesign comprises of many bi-directionally connected tools. Changes to one point of your project are propagated to all the other tools so that the model remains consistent. Use all or some of the tools depending on your project's needs.


An extensive variety of reports and drawings document your design. Drawings can be easily exported to DWG/DXF/PDF formats. Reports can either be exported to PDF files or to editable, well-formed RTF files.


All units can be customized to different unit types. Select between metric or imperial systems or select the unit for any unit type independently.



Correct mistakes earlier – spend less time later with more complicated changes, offering improved customer satisfaction.

No time wasted importing/exporting data into/from different tools. Simulation and calculations tools, 2D and 3D visualization, drawings, reports, libraries and documentation within the same application.

Minimize the time spend browsing heating equipment and pipe accessories. The libraries come preloaded with a large number of products available on the market. New products can be easily downloaded from the online library. Thus, you can have:

-Products as 2D/3D DWG drawing
-Bill of materials and bill of quantities generated directly from the drawing
-Export as excel file
-Product catalog
-Online update of products and CAD data

Every new project has default values (where possible) for its most important parameters. These values have been carefully selected and significantly speed up the modeling of the electrical distribution.

Frequent references to the standards textbooks can be distracting and interrupt your workflow. Important information, formulas and excerpts from the standards are included in the help.


Ensure that your design satisfies regulations without oversizing equipment.

Prevent numerous changes later once the build is in progress.

Ability to take off material volumes and amounts means less overspend – which in turn leads to less waste on unnecessary materials being ordered and not wanted/ used.


TiSoft HeatingDesign helps you design central heating installations for residential and commercial buildings, make all the necessary calculations ensuring code compliance, and produce a variety of drawings, floorplans, schematics and reports. It will also provide a wealth of information that will assist you in making design decisions early on, avoid oversizing pipe accessories and equipment and visualize the installation prior to construction.


  • Integrated, stand-alone BIM software. Not an add-on and no add-ons required.
  • Modern, ribbon-based user interface.
  • Unlimited undo/redo steps.
  • Simple installation
  • Simple licensing model. Portable licenses means that you can work on many machines
    using a single license.

Modeling tools

  • Very easy to use 2D/3D building modeler
  • Import existing DWG/DXF or image files to use as background
  • Room surface discovery algorithm finds all the room surfaces to be fed to the calculation engines
  • Hybrid surface input (directly in tables or from the building model)
  • Copy paste architectural and heating elements between floors or projects
  • Architectural tools (walls, doors, windows, beams, columns, slabs, roofs, rooms)
  • Heating tools (thermal bridges, radiators, boilers, manifolds, underfloor circuits, pipes)
  • Automatic finding of thermal bridges
  • Roof algorithm
  • Embedded CAD editor. For simple and fast editing of DWG/DXF drawings.


  • Single-pipe (QRad, θV, θr, θm, pipe lengths etc.)
  • Twin-pipe (QRad, θV, θr, θm, pipe lengths etc.)
  • Floor heating (heat output, pipe lenghts, water velocities etc.)
  • Balancing (valve settings)
  • Boiler room (equipment sizing for boiler, burner, expansion tank, pump etc and operation point on characteristic curves for the pump)
  • Fine-grained control over what is calculated automaticaly or selected manually
  • Chimney calculation
  • Combine different types of heating (radiators, underfloor circuits)
  • Checks for mismatches, warnings and color-coded alert messages indicate possible errors.


  • Pipes
  • Radiators
  • Construction materials
  • Construction types
  • FCUs
  • Boilers
  • Burners
  • Pipe accessories
  • Expansion tanks
  • Pumps
  • Manifolds
  • Water boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Floor heating systems

Drawings and reports

  • Riser diagram produced automatically (can be exported to DWG/DXF and PDF formats)
  • Detailed heat loss calculation documentation
  • Piping calculation, network solving
  • Boiler room calculations with schematics
  • Bill of quantities
  • Bill of materials
  • Export to PDF or editable, well-formed RTF format

Code compliance

  • EN 12831
  • DIN 4701
  • ΕΝ 1264
  • EN 442
  • ISO 13384-1
  • ISO 13384-2

Help & support

Detailed, searchable documentation, deployed with the application and online

Video tutorials and sample projects help you get started fast.

Help topics on the right follow your moves in the application.

Visit help center



Design building's heating system

Floor heating

Construction types

Heat losses

UFH dry system

Licensing options

A variety of editions meets the requirements of any user, no matter the size of the company or the project you’re working on.
At any time you can upgrade your edition by paying the price difference. The emitters can be radiators, UFH circuits, fan coil units or a combination of the above.

Lite Standard Pro
12 emitters per project 24 emitters per project Unlimited project size
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System requirements

Processor Pentium III or later or compatible
Operating System Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Mouse Wheel mouse or similar functionality
Graphics Card Graphics card with OpenGL version 3.3 support and good 3D performance. Preferably NVidia® or AMD®. Intel® cards may have some driver issues. Cards with no 3D acceleration are supported but graphics may be slow.
RAM At least 2 GB RAM
Hard disk 300 MB of available hard disk space
Screen resolution Minimun resolution 1024x768, recommended resolution 1920x1080
Other Up to date video card driver

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