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Reference Libraries


The process of designing an electrical installation requires a significant amount of reference or library data.

This data comprises of:

  • specifications for materials available in the market (e.g. cables, switching materials, motors, UPS, transformers etc.)
  • contact info of engineers that cooperate in the projects
  • ready-made descriptions (for use in the circuit names, load types etc.)
  • drawing blocks (e.g. electrical symbols for use in the drawing of the singleline diagrams)
The data is organized in groups and it is stored in the Libraries. A large amount of predefined data, carefully collected from the market, technical standards and documents and the internet ships with the program's setup file, is copied to your hard disk upon installation and is available for use in your project.

This data (TiSoft supplied data) cannot be modified, but in some of the groups in the Library, new data can be added either from scratch or by copy-pasting existing data and editing it (user data).

In the case of data loss (e.g. hard disk failure or accidental delete) TiSoft supplied data can be easily restored by simply reinstalling the program, whereas user data cannot so it must be backed up often. For more information see Backup.

Cables Library

Switchgear materials Library

Power transformers Library

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Solar Modules Library

PV Inverters Library


Circuits Library

Electrical symbols Library

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