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Cables Library

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Library's cables are organized based on their nominal voltage, cable type and number of cores.

Collection of cables for electrical projects

The Cables library of ElectricalDesign is constantly enriched. In version 17.2.2 solar cables and single core cables for PV systems were added.

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Cable sizing

A practical example of cable size calculation along with the methodology and the steps required with references to the standards.

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The Cables library contains technical specifications for a large number of cables. The data in the Cables library is used in the cable sizing calculations.

Cable categories

The cables are first organized based on their nominal voltage:

  • 0.33/0.57 KV
  • 0.6/1 KV
  • 0.66/1.15 KV
  • 3.50/6 KV
  • 5.80/10 KV
  • 11.6/20 KV
  • 17.3/30 KV

For each nominal voltage there are corresponding cable types, e.g. voltage 0.6/1KV contains the cables types:

  • E1VV (ΝΥΥ)
  • ΝYCY
  • NYFGbY
  • NYRGbY

Each cable type contains the number of cores e.g. type E1VV contains:

  • 1-core
  • 2-core
  • 3-core
  • 4-core
  • 5-core

Adding new cables

Cable specifications are quite strict and thus, new cables data can only be added by members of the board. For the moment, adding your own data in the cables library is not possible.

If you have cable specifications that you need to add to the libraries you may contact us to obtain more information.

Adding cables to favorites

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The library contents can be easily exported to PDF or Excel by simply clicking on the corresponding tools on the ribbon menu.