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DIAZED fuse-system

DIAZED, fuse system, industrial applications, rated voltages, fuse link, bus-mounting system, busbars, load capacity

The DIAZED fuse system is one of the oldest fuse systems in the world. It was developed by Siemens as far back as 1906. It is still the standard fuse system in many countries to this day. It is particularly widely used in the harsh environments of industrial applications.

The series is available with rated voltages from 500 V to 750 V. All DIAZED bases must be fed from the bottom to ensure an insulated threaded ring when the fuse link is being removed. Reliable contact of the fuse links is only ensured when used together with DIAZED screw adapters.
The terminals of the DIAZED bases are available in different versions and designs to support the various installation methods.
The high-performing EZR bus-mounting system for screw fixing is an outstanding feature.
The busbars, which are particularly suited for bus-mounting bases, have a load capacity of up to 150 A with lateral infeed.

DIAZED stands for Diametral gestuftes zweiteiliges Sicherungs-system mit Edisongewinde
(=diametral two-step fuse system with Edison screw).

DIAZED fuse-system components

DIAZED fuse-system (SOURCE: Siemens)

Fuse links

Tripping curves

Let through energy curve

Let through current curve