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Miniature circuit-breakers (MCB)


Accessories for switchgear materials

Switchgear protective devices like MCCBs and MCBs support the addition of extra accessories.
ElectricalDesign 16.5 allows you to add accessories modules to switchgear materials used in a circuit.

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Miniature circuit breakers (MCB) are primarily designed to protect cables and lines against overload (thermal) and short-circuit (electromagnetic).
They thus care for protecting this electrical equipment against excessive temperature rises and destruction in the event of a short-circuit.
Miniature circuit breakers are used in distribution networks in homes and in industrial applications.
They meet the requirements for different applications by various designs and with the aid of a comprehensive range of accessories (for example auxiliary and signal contacts etc.).

3-pole plus neutral MCB , In=2A, Characteristic curve C

3-pole plus neutral MCB , In=2A, Characteristic curve C(SOURCE: ABB)

MCB basic components

Tripping curves Standards

Breaking capacity

Let through energy

Tripping characteristic A

Tripping characteristic B

Tripping characteristic C

Tripping characteristic D

Tripping characteristic K

Tripping characteristic Z