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NEOZED fuse-system


The NEOZED fuse system is primarily used in distribution technology and industrial switchgear assemblies. The system is easy to use and is also approved for domestic installation.

The NEOZED fuse bases are the most cost-effective solution for the application of NEOZED fuses. All NEOZED bases must be fed from the bottom to ensure that the threaded ring is insulated during removal of the fuse link. The terminals of the NEOZED bases are available in different versions and designs to support the various installation methods.

The NEOZED switch disconnectors are primarily used in switchgear assemblies and control engineering. They are approved for switching loads as well as for safe switching in the event of short circuits.
Due to its small footprint, these fuse switch disconnector is primarily used in control engineering.

Neozed fuse bases

Neozed fuse bases (SOURCE: Siemens)