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Inspectable Y filter, suitable for the distribution of non-hazardous fluids (group 2, according to the PED Directive) which are safe for use with copper alloys.
The filter features a metallic mesh, which was designed to prevent solid impurities from entering into the piping and, by depositing residues, reducing the width of the passage, thus increasing losses of pressure and oxidation.


The filter must always be fitted upstream of all of system components which could become damaged or less effective due to the presence of impurities.
It is usually installed at the entrance to the water supply system before the check valve, preventers and pressure reducers.
It can also be used in closed heating circuits at the entrance to the heat generator to protect the exchanger from any impurities originating from the system.
The metallic mesh captures the particles which are bigger than the openings in the mesh; some of the particles get trapped in this mesh and then fall to the bottom.
The filter body is designed to make the most of the entire filtering surface, increasing the length of time for which it is functional before the mesh becomes completely covered.
When this occurs, the filter can be extracted and cleaned under running water in order to clear the surface through which the water will pass.


For increased efficiency with regard to filtering and deposit of solid impurities, it is advisable to install the filter body on the horizontal piping with the filter removal cap facing downwards.
For correct installation, please check the flow direction indicated by the arrow stamped on the filter body.
The valves are fitted onto the piping using threaded connections, according to normal hydraulic practices.

Correct and wrong installation of a Y-filter

Correct and wrong installation of a Y-filter (SOURCE: Giacomini)