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The preassembled manifolds allow building up systems for distributing the heat carrier fluid to heating and air conditioning installations.
Manifolds is the basic builiding element for heating systems with radiant floor heating panels.
The manifolds are available with BSP / NTP threading and in the following versions :

  • Head connections with thread G1 or G1 1/4" Male or Female
  • Side outlet connections with thread G3/4" Male
  • Centre distance between the outlet connections 50 mm

The manifolds, supplied already preassembled on brackets, are provided with :

  • Supply (Delivery) manifold header optionally equiped with flow meters
  • Return manifold header equiped with micrometric valves
  • Two ball shut-off valves (optional)
  • Two end-pieces drain cocks (optional)
  • Two air vent valves (optional)
  • immersion thermometers (optional)

Manifold family properties

Manifold model properties

Valve Turns-kv table

Supply header manifold

Return header manifold

Thermostatic head

Electrical actuator

Fixed point manifold

Pipe Installing instructions