ElectricalDesign videos


ElectricalDesign - Introduction

ElectricalDesign is an integrated application that helps you design, construct, extend, modify or inspect low and medium voltage electrical installations (http://www.ti-soft.com).

Duration: 2:12

Tags: TiSoft, ElectricalDesign, electrical installations, low voltage, medium voltage, cable sizing, electrical plans, electrical distribution, switchboard, circuits, voltage, power, generator, power supplier, circuit, single line diagram, cabinet layout, bill of materials, Intro, Demonstration, what is,


ElectricalDesign - Modelling the electrical distribution

The electrical distribution is modeled by adding switchboards and specifying their parameters and their characteristics in TiSoft ElectricalDesign (http://www.ti-soft.com).

Duration: 05:31

Tags: cable, one-phase, three-phase, incomer cable, residential installations


ElectricalDesign - Adding circuits to switchboards

In this video of TiSoft ElectricalDesign the steps to add circuits to switchboards are shown. Ready-made groups of materials (circuits) may be used (http://www.ti-soft.com).

Duration: 05:37

Tags: absorbed power, busbar, installed power, sockets, lighting, motors, apparatuses, fuse, cable type, voltage drop


ElectricalDesign - Singleline diagrams

The singleline schematic diagram is produced based on the circuits that we add in the switchboards in TiSoft ElectricalDesign (http://www.ti-soft.com).

Duration: 05:11

Tags: singleline, singleline diagram, schematic diagram, materials, circuit breaker, current, protection device, load, relay switch


ElectricalDesign - Switchboard dimensioning drawings (layout)

In this video of TiSoft ElectricalDesign the switchboard dimensiong drawings, the way they are produced and the way they can be changed is shown (http://www.ti-soft.com).

Duration: 05:14

Tags: cabinet, switchboard dimensioning, switchgear materials, MCCB, incomer


ElectricalDesign - Drawings and reports

The reports produced by TiSoft ElectricalDesign are absorbed power calculations, detailed line calculation, list of switchboards, bill of quantities, bill of materials, singleline and dimensional drawings and much more (http://www.ti-soft.com).

Duration: 02:51

Tags: drawings, reports, documentation, calculation reports, electrical project, project output, load calculations


ElectricalDesign - Building modeler

ElectricalDesign includes an easy-to-use building modeler with which we can quickly produce floor plans and electrical plans and print them or export them to pdf or drawing files (http://www.ti-soft.com).

Duration: 7:05

Tags: building modeler, architectural, floor plan, electrical plan, dwg, dxf, wiring, cable route, cable length